How can politics encourage creativity and innovation?
Innovation is the engine of society. For the execution of public projects, governments have the important responsibility of selecting the most innovative projects by creative designers. Only when governments take the initiative can a broad societal basis for innovative design arise.

What do you like best about Antwerp?
The most beautiful place in Antwerp is the Schelde with its infinite quays. In the city, the banks of the Schelde are an ideal place to take a stroll, to dream, to cherish… This broad river is the main artery of the city and is still the gateway to the world. Owing to the harbour of Antwerp, the entire world has left its traces in the city and Antwerp has been able to leave her traces in the entire world. For this reason, the rich history of the city resembles that of a multicultural metropolis that was, is and forever shall be connected with the world. It is for this reason that Antwerp is still without a doubt one of the best places in the world where artists, designers and creative people of various natures meet each other in diverse disciplines: fashion, architecture, visual arts, theatre, music…

What should the world know about your work?
B-architecten is an architectural design studio that works on very diverse projects in Belgium and abroad: urban planning, public buildings, residency programmes, offices as well as shop interiors, exhibitions and scene productions for theatre. The work of B-architecten has been published in numerous national and international magazines and in the Ludion Publishers’ monographs of 2004 and 2008. In 2004, there were retrospectives of the work of B-architecten at the international art centre deSingel in Antwerp and in Lille 2004 – European Cultural Capital.