How can politics encourage creativity and innovation?
They can fully support innovative ideas and creative forces through all available means. Innovation lies at the very heart of a country’s future development and international positioning and profile. In addition, everything possible should be done to protect creative industries through effective regulations.

What do you like best about Amsterdam?
Amsterdam has a transparent feeling to it and has truly become a melting pot of many different cultures and nationalities. A lot of international creative companies are based there, be it music, fashion, design, internet, film, advertising, etc. It breeds ideas and creativity.

What should the world know about your work?
In my work I have always had a global approach: to create music and concepts for the worldwide market and not be limited by the boundaries of your own country. With my English upbringing in South-Africa, “Kindergarten” in Germany and living in Holland, this universal feel is in my DNA. With over 65 million music units sold worldwide, successful musical productions, TV formats and a number of potential new projects lined up for 2011 and beyond, the future is more challenging than ever.