How can politics encourage creativity and innovation?
It is a great pity that the word “culture” so seldom appears in politicians’ discourses, especially concerning classical (or serious) music. Recent research has shown that music has an excellent effect on the human brain. So what are they waiting for to include music in school programmes again?

What do you like best about Antwerp?
I spent my youth in Antwerp, a town with a rich cultural life, beautiful old places, churches, houses… But for nearly half a century, I have been living south-east of Brussels, in the countryside; an old dream which I have been able to realise since my wedding in 1961.

What should the world know about your work?
To be alive, music has to be performed so that a largest possible audience can discover it. The dreams of composers are certainly the same all over the world: to make performers happy whilst playing their music for curious and open-minded listeners who enjoy it.