How can politics encourage creativity and innovation?
Government support is essential in two major ways. Firstly, in funding of the industry by supporting young entrepreneurs in particular with their art and business spirit and by helping companies with their exports and supporting consumer and trade fairs for the creative industries. Secondly, by providing a strong intellectual property framework to protect innovation and allow it to flourish.

What do you like best about London?
London is full of creative spaces and people. The variety of arts and opportunities for talent to show their work is endless. Diversity is a top priority for the city of London and this is reflected in its culture.

What should the world know about your work?
Publishing touches everyone. It fuels the creative economy and contributes to national GDP and the export industry. It creates jobs. It is fundamental to education. Literacy is essential to the growth of a nation and publishing is its aid. It provides content for other creative industries such as film and gaming. It is our role at the Publishers Association to advocate our industry, promote and protect it in order to preserve education and culture for the future.