How can politics encourage creativity and innovation?
Politics cannot promote a spirit of innovation without possessing it itself. Needs and demands on the market stimulate more than just aimless subsidisation. Strategies of interdisciplinary clusters between companies, researchers, designers and public institutions are still the best way forward. They should not just be networked in a virtual sense but also in real terms at a particular place.

What do you like best about Barcelona?
Barcelona has the qualities of a particular or special place. Not only by means of its geographical position and climatic conditions but also due to its creative uneasiness and its drive to promote an international image of not being the capital of Spain. This delicate balance between Mediterranean energy and open-minded entrepreneurial spirit generates dynamism that acts as a genuine catalyst for the creative industries.

What should the world know about your work?
My work is extremely diverse and ranges from pragmatic product design to curating and designing exhibitions, from participating in fairs to organising conferences and design awards. I remain “undisciplined” as far as possible and instead of being burdened by my own large office, I love working together with experienced external experts to be able to offer our customers comprehensive and transversal know-how on industrial design strategies in relation to both business and culture.