Premiere of the First World of Ideas Series of Film Portraits on Thursday, 1 July 2010 at 7.00pm

ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA is very pleased to announce the premiere of the World of Ideas series of film portraits directed by Gerald Straub and Michael Gartner in the context of the World of Ideas Symposium on Thursday, 1 July 2010 at 7.00pm in Garage X at Vienna’s Petersplatz. Both the film portraits and the symposium are conceived and organised by the Creative Industries Office of ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber. As from 1 July 2010, the films are also available as webcasts at

The film portraits are best to imagine as excerpts of a fictional archive containing different perspectives on the notion of “idea”. Short clips explore the working environment and mind-set of protagonists from Africa, Asia, Oceania, America and Europe. Against the backdrop of the respective geographical and cultural environments, personal conversations are chronicled, individual idea concepts highlighted and location-specific features analysed. The result offers the possibility to shift known references and provides insights into the endless world of ideas. A beginning without an end.

The protagonists of this film series are graphic designer Reza Abedini from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, cultural activist and creative director Paul Brickhill from Harare, Simbabwe, fashion designer Carla Fernández from Mexico City, Mexico, designer and design anthropologist Harald Gründl from Vienna, Austria, Nollywood film producer and director Amaka Igwe from Lagos, Nigeria, Director of the Center for Technology & Society Ronaldo Lemos from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, art, architecture and culture historian Jonathan Maner-Wheoki from Auckland, New Zealand, artist duo Lucy + Jorge Orta from Paris, France, hip hop artist Sbazzo from Beijing, China and social entrepreneur Mirriam Nuska Zwane from Johannesburg, South Africa.

Film details:
Protagonists: Reza Abedini, Paul Brickhill, Carla Fernández, Harald Gründl, Amaka Igwe, Ronaldo Lemos, Jonathan Mane-Wheoki, Lucy + Jorge Orta, Sbazzo and Mirriam Nuska Zwane
Directors: Michael Gartner, Gerald Straub
Concept: Helmut Döller, Reanne Leuning, Eric Poettschacher, Robert Punkenhofer
Producer: ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA/Austrian Federal Economic Chamber
Language: English
Film release date: 1 July 2010

This film series is sponsored by go international – an initiative by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs -, the arge creativ wirtschaft Austria/evolve and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Art and Culture.

For more information about the film series, please contact Reanne Leuning

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