How can politics encourage creativity and innovation?
Firstly it is not the government’s responsibility to nurture design. This is such a European way of thinking. But the government can definitely show that design and industry are inseparable. Grants and tax breaks for small startups whoare really contributing to the beautification of the country, implementing big business innovations (from Dupont, Siemens, etc.) into public projects and sponsoring design competitions for public projects (like bus stops, bike racks, street lamps, innovative parking ideas, etc.) are ways for the government to contribute.

What do you like best about New York?
New Yorkers accept everyone and everything. New York is a place to accomplish dreams, to be free, to be creative, to be open-minded and to experience the whole world in one place. The energy, the effulgence, the passion of life is everywhere. There are no prejudices of race, colour, creed, religion or beliefs. Everyone has the same chance in New York. And if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

What should the world know about your work?
Firstly I believe in designocracy. Secondly, I believe that design is about moving us forward for the betterment of society. I have designed over 3,000 objects and over 60 interiors in the last eight years. I want everything I do to touch our human emotions and inspire us. I try to develop objects and spaces as de-stressers – objects that bring enjoyment, simplify tasks and increase our level of engagement and of beauty. Objects play into the conditioning of our behaviours. They dictate the way we live, the way we interact and the modi operandi of our movements. Our lives are elevated when we experience beauty, comfort, luxury, performance and utility seamlessly combined.