How can politics encourage creativity and innovation?
Difficult to say. Perhaps it isn’t possible at all. Politics is made by people. Politicians represent opinions but they certainly also have their own opinions. It would be good if these people were culturally open-minded, with a basic trust in the value of good design. There should be a positive climate for this. More specifically? Awards, grants, initiatives, travelling exhibitions, etc. Devising something nice is the very remit of these people.

What do you like best about Milan?
Milan is a business city, a city where looks count. Design is very important here. It is a normal commodity. We are not just talking about “logical” design that justifies itself by the purpose: design here has its own purpose. It is a value. You can view this as good or bad, but as a designer you feel more easily understood and esteemed.

What should the world know about your work?
I am a graphics artist and am interested in visual communication. I have my tastes and my preferences, but what is clear to me is that good design lies in the heart of things, not on the surface. Good design complements the person. Success? Once I was browsing through a photo catalogue and I found photos of a guy who had a logo of mine tattooed onto his shaved head – the lettering of the Vienna music group TOSCA. That is a nice form of recognition.