How can politics encourage creativity and innovation?
I suggest that governments need to know about the creative and cultural highlights in their country at any time. As creative individuals, we are very good for the economy of the country. We provide creativity, production and above all jobs for many people.

What do you like best about Amsterdam?
Our cultural heritage goes back a long way. Cycling to work every day, going over 500-year old bridges, driving by canals and monumental houses, you realise it is in our roots to create and build a history.

What should the world know about your work?
I am working as a couturier for 17 years now. My goal is to place a woman on a statue: to give her the strength and power she needs as a person to present herself.

I love to develop the high craftsmanship of haute couture. That is why my atelier and studio became one of the best in the country for tailor-made items. And that makes me proud.