Valentin Vodev
How can politics encourage creativity and innovation?
Politics is there to create a balance of interests between the various groups in society. There must be a climate in which creative egos are appreciated not only in society but also in corporate culture. I find that a lot of effort is put into this in Vienna.

What do you like best about Vienna?
Vienna is wonderful. I love the spirit of the city, its uniqueness. The fact that it goes its own way but does not lose its charming self in the midst of today’s globalisation. And what may remain hidden from those looking in from the outside is the truly amazing art scene in Vienna.

What should the world know about your work?
For me it is important that people understand my products immediately and can identify with them intuitively. But at the same time I want to create surprises, such as with a function that you do not expect. I must admit that I often let myself be inspired by the function of the product itself and strive to improve it.