Jin Xing

How can politics encourage creativity and innovation?
In general, governments should generate a sense of appreciation for any form of creativity. The foundation for such an awareness (and subsequently interest in innovation) must be laid at an early stage of personal development. As such, it is an educational task.

It is frustrating to see that the Shanghai (if not Chinese) government is missing or ignoring this fundamental knowledge of any form of creative development. The Chinese society relies too much on 5,000 years of cultural heritage and does not put priority on adding new achievements to the legacy of Chinese culture.

What do you like best about Shanghai?
I am inspired by the dynamics of Shanghai. With this energy, the city’s culture and its history, Shanghai has the potential to become one of the leading centres in culture and economy for the Asian-Pacific region comparable to cities like London or New York.

What should the world know about your work?
Values: sincerity, sensibility and honesty to the public.
Successes: I do not measure my work in categories of commercial success, I am successful if I can communicate with and touch the audience. Creative process: I do not like too intellectual of an approach to my creativity; I mostly trust my instincts and emotions during the creation process.